Rosa Pietsch - Koi Carp Necklace

Rosa Pietsch - Koi Carp Necklace


This popular design is an intricately laser-cut and engraved Koi Carp necklace. First drawn by hand as a print design years ago and now reworked into jewellery!

The engraved design is etched into the back of mirrored acrylic, so the pattern is cut away from the 'mirror' leaving translucent areas in the perspex. It's a difficult effect to photograph and looks much better in real life!

The design is currently available in Silver or Gold mirrored acrylic.

The pendant is approx. 7.5cm across and hangs from a silver or gold-plated chain which is approx 18cm each side, sitting at mid to high chest level. Looks great under a shirt or blouse collar.

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