Major Dave Wedgie - Doorstop

Major Dave Wedgie - Doorstop


Meet Major Dave: Recently picked for the preliminary stages of a T.V talent contest, Dave has decided to take his cover act career full time. With a pocket full of protein pills and his helmet on, he’s hitting the road. Oh, but hang on a minute, what about his doorstop duties, errm … “ground control to Major Dave?”.


Wedgie is proud to be part of an incentive scheme based in Sri Lanka aimed at the empowerment of men and women based in rural areas of the country.

Unpainted doorstops are delivered directly to employees’ houses, along with paints, brushes and tools. Once painted and completed, the Wedgies are paid for on collection. This allows people in rural communities the convenience of earning an income whilst going about their daily routines.


Each Wedgie doorstop is hand stamped with a Wedgie logo and comes with a character description sticker attached to the back.

Composition & Sizing

Each Wedgie is hand-painted and handcrafted out of quality Alstonia wood. The paint used is a durable matte paint and is incredibly scratch resistant - these Wedgies are made to last.

Please note: The hand painted nature of these pieces means that some slight variation in colour, design and form is to be expected.

Size: (L) 21.5cm X (W) 4cm

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