Crocodile or Lobster Snuggable Hottie

Crocodile or Lobster Snuggable Hottie


This gorgeous snuggable hottie is made with super soft plush fur fabric, making it perfect to cuddle and get warm and cosy with.

Snuggable hottie can be a great soft toy to play with during the day and a delightful relaxing cuddly hottie at night.

Children will just love this winter favourite to hug and snuggle when they're cold or under the weather.

Snuggable hottie has a removable calico tummy insert, filled with tourmaline and infused with lavender pure essential oil, which is released when heated in the microwave. 

This will help calm your child and aid deep sleep and relaxation so they wake up happy after a restful nights sleep, ready to play with their new best friend.

Aroma Home Snuggable Hottie Heatable Toy

Products Overview

  • Plush faux fur soft toy

  • Removable microwavable insert

  • Lavender scented

  • Size when sitting approx 23cm (h) x 19.5cm (W) x 20cm (d)

  • Children under 3 years require adult supervision

  • Conforms to the stringent British Safety Standard BS8433:2004

Top Tips for best results

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Ensure the microwave turntable is working properly and the wheat bag rotates freely to ensure even temperature distribution.

  • Place a glass or small container of water in the microwave with your wheat bag to help keep it moist and prevent the wheat grains drying, which will reduce the risk of charring.

Sensible precautions

  • DO NOT exceed heating times stated in the instructions for your particular size of wheat bag.

  • DO NOT leave a wheat bag unattended whilst heating.

  • DO NOT allow unsupervised children to heat a wheat bag.

  • DO NOT use a wheat bag if there is evidence of discolouration or charring.

  • DO NOT use a hot wheat bag as a bed warmer or under blankets.

  • DO NOT fully reheat a wheat bag until it has completely cooled (this could take up to 2 hours).

We regret we are unable to accept liability for claims against burns in wheat filled products due to the 'user responsibility' element of this type of product. As mentioned above, there are a number of factors that can contribute to this happening, none of which can be excluded as possibilities and for which we cannot be held responsible.

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